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Content:- • Introduction • Brief History of West Central Railway • Train Lighting • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System in Trains • Substation • Equipment for Protection of Sub-Station
History • The West Central Railway (abbreviated WCR and पमरे ), one of the 16 zones of the Indian Railways, came into existence on 1 April 2003. • The West Central Railway was reconstituted from the Jabalpur and Bhopal divisions of the Central Railway zone (CR) and the reorganized Kota of the Western Railway zone (WR). • The zone serves eastern & central Madhya Pradesh, southern Uttar Pradesh, and northeastern Rajasthan state. • It has a total route of 2997 kms. (Track route of 6295 kms.) of which 1627 route kms. are electrified. (Electrified Track kilometres-3972 kms.) • Out of total route Kms. of WCR, 2185 km (about 73 %) of its route falls in the State of M.P., 758 km (about 25 %) falls in Rajasthan and rest 54 km. comes under the jurisdiction of U.P. 

TRAIN LIGHTING Background • Initially, the lighting in trains was done using candles, oil and later on by gas lighting. • To prevent the fire accidents, electric lighting was introduced by using stationary batteries. • Train Lighting by electricity on Indian Railways was introduced in 1897. • 24V DC train lighting system was in practice on Indian Railways till 1998. • Subsequently, 110 V DC TL system was introduced in Railways. • Now as a policy, Railway have switched over to 110 V DC system from 24 V DC.

Self Generating System of Train Lighting : • Due to failures and limitations of 24 V DC system, these days 110 V DC system with brushless alternator system is in practice. • Under slung alternator of 4.5 KW, 37.5 Amp is driven by V-belts through axle and alternator pullies.
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Alternator generates 3 phase AC voltage of 97 V which is rectified and regulated through rectifier and regulator unit (RRU). • Output of this alternator is given to electrical load through junction box.

Battery Set Arrangement : • One battery set consisting 56 cells, 120 Amp-hour capacity is in parallel with the alternator and feeds electrical loads when the alternator is not generating. • For charging this battery, there is provision for battery charging terminal under frame of the coach. • Fuses are provided for safety against excessive current for each component. • At a junction box, rotary switches and MCBs are provided to switch ON and OFF power supply to light/fan and emergency feeding terminals (EFT). • Emergency feeding terminals give electrical power supply to adjoining coach in emergency through temporary connections (TC).