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Control Systems Engineering Book by I.J. Nagrath,‎ M. Gopal Book-free download pdf

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Download Control Systems Engineering By I.J. Nagrath,‎ M. Gopal – The book gives far reaching scope of different issues under control frameworks designing. The book is reasonable for courses at both the undergrad and postgraduate level of designing. Since the topic is between disciplinary, cases in the book depend on various branches of building.
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The book examines an extensive variety of themes including Mathematical Models of Physical Systems, Control Systems and Components, Concepts of Stability and Algebraic Criteria, Root Locus Technique, Frequency Response Analysis, Liapunov's Stability Analysis, Optimal Control Systems, and Advances in Control Systems. In this updated release, the book incorporates a large group of new subjects, for example, Neural Network Control, Nonlinear Systems, and Robotics Modeling and Control. Top to bottom scope has been given to traditional and current methodologies on Digital Control. Clarifications on PID tuning methodology and Robust Control have been enhanced and are joined by outlines where vital. Care has been taken to expel cases in view of obsolete advancements and to refresh the same with more significant cases.

Control Systems Engineering By I.J. Nagrath,‎ M. Gopal – PDF Free Download


  1. Introduction
  2. Mathematical Models of Physical Systems
  3. Feedback Characteristics of Control Systems
  4. Control Systems and Components
  5. Time Response Analysis, Design Specifications and Performance Indices
  6. Concepts of Stability and Algebraic Criteria
  7. The Root Locus Technique
  8. Frequency Response Analysis
  9. Stability in Frequency Domain
  10. Introduction to Design
  11. Digital Control Systems
  12. State Variable Analysis and Design
  13. Liapunov’s Stability Analysis
  14. Optimal Control Systems
  15. Nonlinear Systems
  16. Advances in Control Systems


About Author
I. J. Nagrath is the Adjunct Professor and former Deputy Director, BITS, Pilani. He has authored several leading books on engineering such as Modern Power System Analysis, Robotics and Control, Analog Computation and Simulation, and Basic Electrical Engineering. His research papers have been published in prominent technical journals. Prof. Nagrath received his M.S. from Wisconsin University, USA. He has also worked widely in the fields of robotics, signals and systems, and power.

M. Gopal is Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi. His research focuses on Robust Control, Neural, and Fuzzy Technologies, Process Control, and Robotics. He has authored many books on Control Engineering including Modern Control System Theory, Digital Control Engineering, and Control Systems: Principles and Design. He has previously taught at IIT, Bombay, BITS, Pilani, and REC, Jaipur. He has also worked as an Honorary Visiting Professor in the Control Engineering Center at City University.

 Book Details

Publisher: New Age International Pvt Ltd
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9386070111
ISBN-13: 978-9386070111