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Railway Training PPT and report latest free Download

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A Presentation  of Practical Summer Training Taken at WEST CENTRAL RAILWAY DRM OFFICE

IntroductionBrief History of West Central RailwayTrain LightingRefrigeration and Air Conditioning System in TrainsSubstationEquipment for Protection of Sub-Station
The West Central Railway (abbreviated WCR and पमरे ), one of the 16 zones of the Indian Railways, came into existence on 1 April 2003.
The West Central Railway was reconstituted from the Jabalpur and Bhopal divisions of the Central Railway  zone (CR) and the reorganized Kota of the Western Railway zone (WR).
The zone serves eastern & central Madhya Pradesh, southern Uttar Pradesh, and northeastern Rajasthan state.
It has a total route of 2997 kms. (Track route of 6295 kms.) of which 1627 route kms. are electrified.  (Electrified Track kilometres-3972 kms.)
Out of total route Kms. of WCR, 2185 km (about 73 %) of its route falls in the State of M.P., 758 km (about 25 %) falls in Rajasthan and rest 54 km. comes under the jurisdiction of U.P

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•Initially, the lighting in trains was done using candles, oil and later on by gas lighting.
•To prevent the fire accidents, electric lighting was introduced by using stationary batteries.
•Train Lighting by electricity on Indian Railways was introduced in 1897.
•24V DC train lighting system was in practice on Indian Railways till 1998.
•Subsequently, 110 V DC TL system was introduced in Railways.
•Now as a policy, Railway have switched over to 110 V DC system from 24 V DC.

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