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Engineering Physics BOOK for RTU and other Universities' students (Btech 1st & 2nd sem in pdf) Download :

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1. Crystal Structures: Lattice points, Space lattice, Basis, Bravais lattice, unit cell and lattice parameters,
Seven Crystal Systems with 14 Bravais lattices , Atomic Radius, Co-ordination Number and Packing
Factor of SC, BCC, FCC, Miller Indices, Inter planer spacing of Cubic crystal system.
2. Defects in Crystals: Classification of defects, Point Defects: Vacancies, Substitution, Interstitial,
Concentration of Vacancies, Frenkel and Schottky Defects, Edge and Screw Dislocations (Qualitative
treatment), Burger’s Vector.
3. Principles of Quantum Mechanics: Waves and Particles, de Broglie Hypothesis, Matter Waves,
Davisson and Germer’s Experiment, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, Schrodinger’s Time
Independent Wave Equation-Physical Significance of the wave Function-Particle in One Dimensional
Potential Box.


1. Electron Theory of Metals: Classical free electron theory, Derivation of Ohm’s law, Mean free path,
Relaxation time and Drift velocity, Failures of Classical free electron theory, Quantum free electron
theory, Fermi-Dirac distribution, Fermi energy, Failures of Quantum free electron theory.
2. Band Theory of Solids: Electron in a periodic potential, Bloch Theorem, Kronig-Penny
Model(Qualitative Treatment), origin of Energy Band Formation in Solids, Classification of Materials
into Conductors, Semi Conductors & Insulators, Effective mass of an Electron.
3. Semiconductor Physics: Intrinsic Semiconductors and Carrier Concentration, Extrinsic Semiconductors
and Carrier Concentration, Fermi Level in Intrinsic and Extrinsic Semiconductors, Hall Effect and

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1. Dielectric Properties: Electric Dipole, Dipole Moment, Dielectric Constant, Polarizability, Electric
Susceptibility, Displacement Vector, Types of polarization: Electronic, Ionic and Orientation
Polarizations and Calculation of Polarizabilities (Electronic & Ionic) -Internal Fields in Solids, Clausius
-Mossotti Equation, Piezo-electricity and Ferro- electricity.
2. Magnetic Properties: Magnetic Permeability, Magnetic Field Intensity, Magnetic Field Induction,
Intensity of Magnetization, Magnetic Susceptibility, Origin of Magnetic Moment, Bohr Magnetron,
Classification of Dia, Para and Ferro Magnetic Materials on the basis of Magnetic Moment, Hysteresis
Curve on the basis of Domain Theory of Ferro Magnetism, Soft and Hard Magnetic Materials, Ferrites
and their Applications.


1. Lasers: Characteristics of Lasers, Spontaneous and Stimulated Emission of Radiation, Meta-stable State,
Population Inversion, Einstein’s Coefficients and Relation between them, Ruby Laser, Helium-Neon
Laser, Semiconductor Diode Laser, Applications of Lasers.
2. Fiber Optics: Structure and Principle of Optical Fiber, Acceptance Angle, Numerical Aperture, Types
of Optical Fibers (SMSI, MMSI, MMGI), Attenuation in Optical Fibers, Application of Optical Fibers,
Optical fiber Communication Link with block diagram.

1. Nanotechnology: Origin of Nanotechnology, Nano Scale, Surface to Volume Ratio, Bottom-up
Fabrication: Sol-gel Process; Top-down Fabrication: Chemical Vapor Deposition, Physical, Chemical
and Optical properties of Nano materials, Characterization (SEM, EDAX), Applications.