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4th sem (Electrical Engineering) TimeTable - RTU KOTA

4th sem (Electrical Engineering) TimeTable - RTU KOTA,rtu timetable,utd timetable,rtu,utd
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Day 10:00 10:55 11:50 12.45 13:40 14.35 15:30 16:25 4EEU01 (T), B-1, A201, NPIU-1 4EEU02 (T), B-2, LT201, GF-3 4EEU03 (T), B-3, A101, GF-4 4EEU05 (T), B-4, A117, NPIU-7 4EEU06 (T), B-5, A120 4EEU01 (T), B-2, A201, NPIU-1 4EEU02 (T), B-3, LT201, GF-3 4EEU03 (T), B-4, A101, GF-4 4EEU05 (T), B-5,A117, NPIU-7 4EEU06 (T), B-6, A120 4EEU01 (T), B-3, A201, NPIU-1 4EEU02 (T), B-4, LT201, GF-3 4EEU03 (T), B-5, A101, GF-4 4EEU05 (T), B-6, A117, NPIU-7 4EEU06 (T), B-1, A120 4EEU01 (T), B-4, A201, NPIU-1 4EEU02 (T), B-5, LT201, GF-3 4EEU03 (T), B-6, A101, GF-4 4EEU05 (T), B-1, A117, NPIU-7 4EEU06 (T), B-2, A120 4EEU01 (T), B-5, A201, NPIU-1 4EEU02 (T), B-6, LT201, GF-3 4EEU03 (T), B-1, A101, GF-4 4EEU05 (T), B-2, A117, NPIU-7 4EEU06 (T), B-3, A120 4EEU01 (T), B-6, A201, NPIU-1 4EEU02 (T), B-1, LT201, GF-3 4EEU03 (T), B-2, A101, GF-4 4EEU05 (T), B-3, A117, NPIU-7 4EEU06 (T), B-4, A120 Dr. D K Sambariya OIC Time-Table Saturday 4EE11A: B-4, EMD LAB, E-SHED, DK Y 4EEU02, LT201, SA 4EEU04, LT201, SS 4EEU02, LT201, SA 4EEU04, LT201, SS 4EEU02, LT201, SA 4EEU04, LT201, SS Tuesday Thursday 4EEU08: B-6, EM LAB,EC, A122, NPIU-6 4EEU10: B-3, EM/C LAB, E-SHED, NPIU-6 4EEU09: B-1, PS
D LAB, A120 , SBM Department of Electrical Enginnering 4EEU07: B-5, AE LAB,EC, A218, NPIU-2 4EEU09: B-6, PSD LAB, A120 , SKS 4EEU10: B-1, EM/C LAB, E-SHED, SRK 4EEU08: B-5, EM LAB,EC, A122, NPIU-4 4EEU07: B-4, AE LAB,EC, A218, NPIU-2 4EEU08: B-3, EM LAB,EC, A122, NPIU-6 4EEU08: B-4, EM LAB,EC, A122, NPIU-5 4EEU07: B-3, AE LAB,EC, A218, NPIU-1 Monday 4EEU05, LT201, GF-1 Friday Wednesday 4EEU10: B-5, EM/C LAB, E-SHED, SRK 4EEU09: B-4, PSD LAB, A120 , SKS 4EEU07: B-1, AE LAB,EC, A218, NPIU-1 4EEU07: B-2, AE LAB,EC, A218, NPIU-1 4BEE 4EEU05, LT201, GF-1 4EEU03, LT201, SBM 4EEU01, LT201, NPIU-1 4EEU01, LT201, NPIU-1 4EEU03, LT201, SBM 4EEU10: B-4, EM/C LAB, E-SHED, DKY 4EEU09: B-5, PSD LAB, A120 , SBM 4EEU10: B-6, EM/C LAB, E-SHED, SCM 4EEU08: B-2, EM LAB,EC, A122, NPIU-5 4EEU09: B-3, PSD LAB, A120, SBM 4EEU05, LT201, GF-1 4EEU06, LT201, MATHS 4EEU06, LT201, MATHS 4EEU06, LT201, MATHS 4EEU09: B-2, PSD LAB, A120 , SKS 4EEU10: B-2, EM/C LAB, E-SHED, SCM 4EEU07: B-6, AE LAB,EC, A218, NPIU-3 4EEU08: B-1, EM LAB,EC, A122, NPIU-4 4EEU01, LT201, NPIU-1